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Phoenician Alphabet, Mother of Modern Writing ; Phoenician script was the alphabet used for transliterating the Holy Bible in Hebrew. The alphabet is among the few linguistic elements that have remained essentially unchanged between the Ancient and Modern Greek languages.

The Greek alphabet went through several changes over the centuries. History of the Greek Alphabet. ; Evolution of Phoenician into Latin/ Western scripts and Arabic/ Eastern scripts. Their common language and writing was one of the things that bound the Greeks together. There were two similar Greek alphabets the Ionic Chalcidian. The Ancient Greeks developed an alphabet for writing.

History > > Ancient Greece. The greek alphabet has been used since 900 BC to write the Greek is the first writing system using a separate symbol for each vowel consonant . Old English / Anglo- Saxon is an ancester of modern English that was spoken in England from about the 5th to the 11th century. Before listing the letters let us make a brief comment on the pronunciation of the language as it evolved through the millennia. Writing in greek using english alphabet. Before the fifth century B.

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The Greek alphabet has been used to write the Greek language since the late ninth or early eighth century BC. It is derived from the earlier Phoenician alphabet, and was the first alphabetic script to have distinct letters for vowels as well as consonants.

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In Archaic and early Classical times, the Greek alphabet existed in many different local variants, but, by the end of the fourth century BC. At first, there were a number of different versions of the alphabet used in various different Greek cities.

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These local alphabets, known as epichoric, can be divided into three groups: green, blue and red. The blue group developed into the modern Greek alphabet, while the red group developed into the Etruscan alphabet, other alphabets of ancient Italy and eventually the Latin alphabet.

The history of the Greek alphabet starts with the adoption of Phoenician letter forms and continues to the present day. The Greek alphabet postdates Linear B, the syllabic script that was used for writing Mycenaean Greek, by several centuries.

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This article concentrates on the early period, before the codification of the now- standard Greek alphabet. The Phoenician alphabet was strictly speaking.

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